Folger's new home page.
Folger's new home page.

A property detail. The information is available in 3 languages.
A property detail. The information is available in 3 languages.

Good Real Estate Business

Folger (March - 2012)

With over 40 years in the real estate market, Folger is one of the most recognized real estate agencies in Buenos Aires. From their officeslocate in Belgrano, Folger manages all types of properties; from apartments, houses, offices, industrial properties, to golf in Patagonia, providing advice to their clients.

For Folger, their website is an everyday tool that helps them generate Good Real Estate Business. That is why Folger choose full sites to design and program their online website.

The development of the new Folger website was conducted in three languages: Spanish, English and German, thinking of a scalable solution that allows them to increase the number of languages in the future.

The new online catalog developed by full sites, allows Folger customers to know the whole range of properties, considering multiple search filters and giving them all the information on each property.

In the new development, full sites applied the best techniques of website optimization to achieve high rankings in major search engines.

Folger, a new success case in the real state business.

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